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Diary of a Sleaze Band – 2/6/14

With VD Day, er, that Valentine’s thing coming up, I am sure you are all thinking Sleazy. Well, nothing says “I love you please fuck me” like a CD that starts out with a song about AIDS. Your in luck kiddos, Bandcamp will let you send our CD as a gift!  Go on, get someone a copy.  Maybe even yourself, it’s a mighty fine album to shred beef to!



Did you notice we have a couple of shows just around the corner? Saturday afternoon we will be feasting on Redwood burgers and then hitting the stage for an all ages punk show.  Catch us at 5pm.  We also will be sharing the stage for the first time with F U Marylou and No Small Children at the end of the month.


sleazy CD


07/30/2013 Show with Slut River in the works

Hello Sleazies!


Our first show with bassist Altair went great! We are now busy busy writing new tunes and booking killer shows.


We are super stoked to announce that we will be returning to our favorite Sleazy LA bar, The Redwood!  Thursday, September 26th, we will be supporting SLUT RIVER, on tour from Iowa City, IA.  This band is not to miss.  Hardcore goth punk, singer Anna’s voice and presence takes the stage by storm, in vein of Dinah Cancer of 45 Grave.  Their drummer Joe Ross is mind blowingly good, and one of our best friends.  If your a drummer, you need to be at this show.  We are excited to bring you more details as they arrive.  In the meantime, mark your calendars  and check out Slut River’s new demo! A taste of what your in for…



Slut River

Slut River (Photo credit: Adrianne Behning Photography)

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