Archive for 01/20/2015


New year, new tunes! We did it, Oh boy Oh boy!! We made it through 2014. What a year, we played a rocking festival in the middle of the desert and a police dog almost found our weed (we distracted him with a dog treat.)  We had all our gear hijacked by a crazy old drunken meth head at Rockstar Studios.  We took some long breaks due to lack of reliable transportation.  We wrote new songs to unleash upon you in 2015. We even sold some tee shirts and maybe even a CD or 2 (Thanks guys….you know who you are.) There was some killer fun shows, making new friends and finding awesome bands.


Now, we are kicking off 2015 right n tight with a show at our favorite local bar, The Redwood.  1/22/15 we will be hitting the stage at 10pm.  Also working on booking some other fun gigs before we take a couple months off in April/May.  Recording is just around the corner too. We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our shows. Come say Hi, and smoke a bowl with us!