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Howdy Kids!

Sleazy here, we are so stoked…and stoned…and working on some sweet new jams.  We are so great at jamming together, we decided to organize that shit into new songs. We are pretty excited about how they are coming together. Getting pumped to record again, we just got to sell some Tee Shirts first! Make sure to hit up Sleazy Merch to get a sweet Tee shirt, or download “Bad Things Just Happen.”



We have a couple shindigs booked in April. Looking to add a couple more to the list before the month is through.  See you Sleazies soon!



TOMORROW NIGHT 3/13/14 We will be rocking the Redwood bar and grill Located In DTLA on 2nd and Hill. Is’t our Bud’s SCARDEYCAT’S Album Release show. If you haven’t seen them already then your in for a treat. No cover. Hope to see you there.

3/2/14 – Shows and jams and tee shirts Oh my!

What? Oh yeah….hey guys.  We have a show coming up This Thursday 3/6/14.  We will be rocking the Universal Bar and Grill, at Universal City Walk. In the valley…kinda.  We are set to go on at 10pm, and the show is 6 bucks.  How, you ask, did we get a show at such a fancy place? Are we not a little harsh for the likes of City Walk?  Well…our best guess is they do not know what they got themselves into.  Show up, and see how it all turns out…

We also get to share the stage with our buddies SCAREDYCAT as they release a record later this month.  Free show, at the Redwood? You know that is gonna be a great time.

We have been writing some new jamsss, and they are sounding tight.  Manny got a new pedal, Mindee changed her drum heads, and Altair has been getting in lots of naps. Can’t wait to unleash this stuff into your happy little ears.

Tee shirts are coming.  Our talented artist friend William Ten Kate drew up quite the Sleazy design that I am sure you all will love wearing out in public.  Those are being pressed up right now, and we can’t wait to share them with you all.  Of course, we still have lots of CDs and lighters, because we know how much you all love fire.altair nap